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Raise the level of Your service. Why a FINE license is worth the money spent?

There are 2 crucial questions, that most of the customers are concerned about: WHAT services are provided by the company and HOW MUCH do these services cost?

Finland International Education LLC. (shortly FINE) offers different education services, such as:

- Education licenses for:

  • Kindergartens,

  • Play Schools,

  • Preschools,

  • Elementary Schools.

- Training Programs:

  • ECE study visit to Finland (2-5 days),

  • Introduction to Phenomenon-based learning (2 days),

  • ECEC Teacher Training (2 weeks),

  • ECEC Management Training (3 days),

  • Trainer Training (1 week),

  • ECE study visit to stakeholder’s country (2-5 days),

  • Educational webinars arrangement (1-3 days, online),

  • Parents training (2 weeks).

- Publishing:

  • Playful Learning in Early Childhood education in Finland” book release with over 100 activities for children, aged 0-6,

  • 500 playful lesson plans for children between 2-6 years of age.

- Interior design.

- Architectural design.

Talking about the licenses, we provide 3 types of education licenses for kindergartens, preschool, play schools and elementary schools, based on world renowned Finnish ECEC Standards:

  1. Standard License includes Academic Plan, ECEC Teacher Training, Operative Training, Pedagogical Content and Brand Guides. By taking this type of license you can be sure that in the city(s) where your educational institution(s) operates, there will be ONLY YOUR FINE Institution.

  2. Exclusive License includes the content of the Standard License + Finnish teacher in your institution as a cool pleasant bonus.

  3. Territorial License gives you a unique opportunity to be an educational FINE leader in your country with the right of sublicense. No one else can be a FINE kindergarten or school in your country, but YOU.

What is more important and what makes us unique is that we give our customers the right to choose, WHAT service(s) to take. For instance, it is possible to take only 50 lesson plans out of 500 for age group 3-4 within Standard License, add interior design for one classroom and parents training. Or you can try ECE study visit to your institution, when our specialist(s) visits your educational establishment and combines teachers, parents, management training with activities with your children. Or You can, for instance, take a pilot version of the License not for the entire school but for the 1 class only to try out our methods and approaches.

The only thing that MUST BE presented in every case is ECEC Teachers Training, as we truly believe that there cannot be high quality education without highly qualified professionals. We deeply appreciate the high Quality of our services and services quality growth of our customers.

What concerns the prices, also here we support the idea of flexibility and open dialogue with the customers, so that You can always choose, whether You want to start with the study visit for 1-3 days for 1500 – 2000 EUR or continue with the Standard License costs that start from 15-20 000. Besides, we are always ready to discuss the prices of our services in every case.

Therefore, Finland International Education provides high quality education services and offers many different options for their customers, supporting the idea of free dialogue with the customers, trust and respect.

Join us and get access to the world best Finnish Education System!

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