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FINE Online Course: Phenomenon-based Learning in Early Years

The term "Phenomenon-based learning" is beginning to be familiar to many professionals in the field of education.


"Yes, but how to do this in practice?" - is a question we often face when we train early childhood education teachers in Finnish methods around the world. The method's main principles are clear: exploiting children's natural curiosity, learning life skills, and combining learning with children's experience of the real world. So, how should You implement the method on a practical level?


We understand the need for a hands-on approach when teaching different methods. To meet this growing need, we created an online course of one of the Finnish education's key methods. The FINE online course Phenomenon-based Learning in Early Years gives you an encompassing and, most of all, practical approach to the exciting and creative teaching method.


Whether you are a teacher, an education professional, or simply an interested parent in children's learning in early years, this course is for you. 

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FINE Online Course: Phenomenon-based Learning in Early Years is now here!


Course content


  1. Early Years’ Education in Finland

  2. The Phenomenon-based Learning Method in Early Years

  3. Benefits of the Phenomenon-based Learning Method in early Years

  4. Implementing the Phenomenon-based Learning Method in Early Years’ Education

  5. The Phenomenon-based Learning Method into Practice


Gain theoretical, and most of all, practical knowledge of the world-known teaching method. Learn how to use the method in early childhood education. Get inspired and receive concrete tools, lesson plans, for your work. Study wherever, whenever on your device.

Follow the link and immerse yourself in the secrets of phenomenon-based learning.

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