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The learning environment has a major effect on learning outcomes. The promotion of a safe, healthy, positive, and inspiring learning environment is one of the key factors in FINE early education philosophy as well as an integral part of our interior design. 

The FINE learning environments are designed together with our pedagogical team and our designer. The interior design is based on the well-known Scandinavian aesthetics – simplicity and functionality.
The FINE interior design concept is targeted to boost the children’s learning experience and creativity and to give the teachers the best support for their work. 

Our interior design supports FINE pedagogy


Children’s wellbeing

Environmentally responsible, safe and non-toxic materials


Concentrating on learning

Ergonomic solutions

Functional furniture and multi-purpose usage of facilities

Use of lighting and materials to support learning


Boosting children’s imagination

Scandinavian aesthetics

Use of different textures, colors and materials


For more detailed information about the FINE interior design please contact:

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