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Invest in Education

The early childhood education market is booming, and Finland International Education Ltd (FINE). is at the forefront of this global market.


Countries in Asia (China, Viet Nam, Thailand, India and Indonesia, among others), South America and the Middle East are realizing how vital early childhood education is for their future. These countries are competing to develop their 2030 education service strategies, in order to raise their competitiveness in the race for success on the international markets.


It is a well-known fact that, Finland has the best early childhood education in the world – but the challenge has been how to translate and transport it to other countries. Finland International Education has created the Finnish early childhood and care solution – FINE Solution, specifically for these high-growth markets.

FINE brings educational value to export markets, by providing the exceptional Finnish early childhood education and care solution.


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– the best, comprehensive early childhood education concept customized to high-growth, developing markets
all around the world.  

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