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Finland International Education (FINE) warmly welcomes You to join our FINE training programs! We offer a selection of training courses varying from an introduction course, to one-year of on-the-job training, and we provide every educational professional the level of education they require. Our training courses are based on the world-renowned Finnish pedagogy and they are designed by our FINE team of pedagogical experts. 


Our training programs are part of our FINE solution, which bring educational value to the FINE teachers and staff. We train educational professionals to become FINE experts by providing high-class teaching and the Finnish pedagogy.

Our training programs are available all around the world, and we bring the Finnish education expertise and knowhow to You. We at FINE, believe child is at the center, thus we want to provide the best possible training for teachers so children can learn from the best.


Are you interested in learning more about the Finnish early childhood education (ECEC), and what makes it so exceptional? This course provides the essential knowledge about the Finnish early childhood education and the Finland International Education (FINE) Solution. This course is a great base for all our trainings.

Duration: 2 days


Are you interested in enhancing your leadership skills in the field of education? The FINE Leader Seminar helps participants understand the importance of their roles and provide them with essential tools for successful leadership in a FINE Unit. This course provides the participants with the necessary skills and tools to support their continuous success in the field of education. 


The FINE Leader Seminar is meant for directors, administration and operational staff in ECEC or in K12.

Duration: 1 week


The FINE Teacher Training Program is designed for teachers, who have prior work experience and basic knowledge about early childhood education. This course gives teachers valuable tools to equip them to meet the challenges of today’s educational world. This course provides teachers with the FINE pedagogical methods and knowhow.

Duration: 2 weeks + I year on-the-job


The FINE Trainer Program is designed for early childhood education professionals, who are interested in training teachers in the FINE way of educating and teaching. Teachers who are motivated to train others and have a strong interest in working with a new pedagogical concept are the key to successful training. The FINE Trainer Program aims to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective FINE Teacher Training.

Duration: 1 week, and co-training period.

For more detailed information about the FINE training program content, scheduling options and pricing,
please contact: info@fineducation.fi