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We provide a comprehensive early childhood education solution, based on world renowned Finnish ECEC Standards. Our licenses FINE Daycare and Kindergarten License and FINE Play School License each have Standard and Exclusive license options, to best fit your operational needs.

We teach children to think, learn and solve problems while having fun


Our licensing models includes operational and academic guidelines, and educational content to run a FINE Kindergarten or a FINE Play School operation.

Academic Plan


Guidelines for professional childcare, based on the world renowned Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. 

Teacher Training

 Training gives teachers valuable tools to equip them to meet the challenges of today’s educational world and learn the FINE pedagogical methods and knowhow., based on the Finnish ECEC pedagogy.

Operative Training


A training program for the management staff. Giving deep insight and knowhow to operate FINE daycare / kindergarten. 

* Only in Exclusive License model

Pedagogical Content


Comprehensive pedagogical package including lesson plans, videos, activity attachments and teaching material list.

Brand Guides

Marketing guide is of our story, vision and key values for marketing and communication. 


Interior design guide is included only in the Exclusive License model.

  • We implement the view of the Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care: education, teaching and care. We bring our localized Academic Plan to children and parents all around the world

  • In FINE Kindergarten / Daycare and FINE Play School centers (parent child educational hobby classes) learning happens through play, when children are having fun in a safe and familiar environment

  • For more information in FINE Kindergarten /Daycare and Play School license options and in
    K12 (academic guidelines, pedagogical methodology, and operational and teacher training) please contact

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