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Our Story

Finland International Education (FINE) was founded in February 2019 in Helsinki, Finland by a team of pedagogical and multidisciplinary experts. FINE specializes in exporting Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) turn key solutions. 


FINE’s purpose is to develop the best ECEC turn key solutions for all markets of the world. The base for FINE’s daycare and kindergartens is the world-renowned Finnish Early Childhood Education which dates back to the late 19th century. This widely recognized Finnish system has, under more than a century, developed into a strong world leader in ECEC.

We at FINE pride ourselves in the fact that our pedagogical experts effectively localize our concept, making it well-functioning from the get-go. We bring the Finnish early childhood education success to children all over the world. University trained teachers from Finland implement the Academic Plan together with the local organization and our designers create the learning environment to benefit both children and staff. In addition, we give operational support to the local organization to ensure success.


FINE's model is ready to be implemented anywhere in the world, in any quantities and in a scalable, fully localized way.

Meet The Team

Dr. Johan Storgård


Dr. eMBA Marjaana Suutarinen

Board Member

Tapio Ikonen kuva.JPG

Tapio Ikonen

Legal Councellor


Olli Kamunen

Early Childhood Education Specialist


Lotta Home

Marketing Assistant

Finland International Education (FINE) Ltd. is a Finnish company
exporting Finnish Early Childhood Education abroad.

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